Pooja Ganatra has been shunned and bullied because of her unusual ginger hair and snow-white skin
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The horrific incident was inadvertently captured by the tech giant's mapping cameras
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Germany and Italy criticise proposal by European council president Donald Tusk, who described refugee quotas as divisive Divisions over migration marred a show...
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With acquisition of Murdoch empire, Disney now owns even more multibillion dollar entertainment franchises.
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Antiquities ministry in Cairo says international teams made important finds at archaeological dig at Gebel el Silsila.
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Bennett, 26, has been dating the Olympic sprinter for around two years. The couple are currently enjoying a getaway in Thailand.
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Search continues for little girl knocked unconscious and dumped by drunken dad in the forest. Felipe Eranzo now facing child abuse charges.
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Willian has started in only eight of his 17 Premier League appearances but insists he is happy at Chelsea.
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Guinea midfielder Naby Keita will swap Leipzig for Merseyside in July 2018 after Liverpool agreed to pay a premium on top of his release clause during the...
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An Irish judge let a man off jury duty because it was his "first time in love"- much to the disbelief of everyone there.
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An American woman berated two Korean speakers for daring to use a language other than English in a California Walmart.
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Millennials are leaving faster than they're arriving in these cities
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'Around Christmas, I remember my daughter Naomi and my son Beaujust as I know the Sandy Hook families do'
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"She has a story to tell and I'm sure she'll be selling that story"
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Ayrton Little's friends burst into celebration with him
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Once again, The Simpsons prove they are the best prognosticators
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In an apparent reversal of his long-held opposition to the prospect, NATO's Secretary General has suggested the creation of an EU army could be a "good" thing...

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He got the outfit so right!
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The government have published details of who was at the crucial and confidential meetings - and what was discussed - in a quiet corner of their website
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