Brussels summit warns against trying to renegotiate any deal PM strikes
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May will need to listen to parliament's views on future trade talks
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Tory rebels warn Prime Minister faces another loss over enshrining the precise Brexit date in British law
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Non-EU states, like Britain in the future, will be able to join the programme, but only after negotiations and with agreement on providing funds
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LIB DEM leader, Sir Vince Cable, said that moderate MPs from the Conservatives and Labour were welcome to join his party after Tory rebels betrayed the...
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Heather Stewart is joined by Jessica Elgot, Tom McTague, Jess Phillips and Gaby Hinsliff to discuss the government's defeat on an amendment to the EU...
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All of this is perfectly normal democratic activity
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They're more furious than football fans who ring phone-in shows when their team's lost
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'The vitriol, the death threats - I don't do social media, but even so I've had to report certain things off to the police'
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Tory MP whose amendment led to defeat for Theresa May reports incidents to police, and questions Daily Mail's reporting of vote The Conservative MP Dominic...
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BREXITEER former chancellor Lord Lawson told that the EU has the upper hand as long as the UK is on its knees begging for a trade deal.
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Several Conservative MPs rebelled against the UK government in a crucial vote on Brexit in parliament. While the country's leaders claim they can and will now...

THE EUROPEAN Union has sent a thinly-veiled threat to Britain, warning last week's Brexit agreement was binding".
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Everything is absolutely fine.
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For all the efforts made to bring the DUP into Government and for all the strong-arming over the past week by Conservative Party whips, Theresa May's...
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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Theresa May said on Thursday she was on course to deliver Brexit and a new partnership with the European Union, shrugging off a...
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EMMANUEL MACRON was targeted for his outspoken criticism of Brexit in an open letter by former MI6 boss Richard Dearlove.
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The Daily Mail's unhinged front page probably did Theresa May no favours.
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Elections have become a buzzword for political disruption over the last few years. The mass disenfranchisement from politics which characterised the previous...
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